CLaRF Report 2003 - 2006

Welcome Everybody!

I'm Bettina Krone, president of CLaRF, and I am going to share with you some of our recent activities. We have been quite busy, so we are combining our last three years of work in this report.

Tallahassee Museum (TLH Museum)

Several times we have mentioned two young panthers, Nacoche and Chobee, who were nicknamed the "Mozart Kittens". Well, they are definitely no kittens anymore! In fact, we estimate that both of them are now about 30 inches at their shoulders. Nacoche weighs about 110 lbs, and Chobee approximately 140 lbs. We were gratified that CLaRF was recognized in the museum's newsletter for putting up their playground (see report 2002). The two panthers are thriving and have been using the play structure so intensely that it needs maintenance. ClaRF is going to sponsor maintenance to the structure as well as an addition to it this year.

In Memoriam Hayetv, 1985 - 2003

In our first report in 2000 we introduced the enrichment program at the Tlh Museum. One of the featured panthers (the one with the ball!) was Hayetv. She passed away in August of 2003 after a good, long life. She was such a sweet, gentle old soul - I shall always remember her. Her spirit lives on in the lives of all the people who had the honor of knowing her.

Hayetv, 1985 - 2003

The museum not only has two panthers, Nacoche and Chobee, but also four bobcats: Paula, the only female, Jinx and Shotgun (the oldies) and Robby, who has Addison's disease. CLaRF has been paying for all of the cat's medical expenses and dietary supplements since 2004 will continue to do so.

The museum has been in need of a facility where animals can be examined and treated on the premises. The planning for this veterinary room has been in the works for a while, and we are looking forward to see it happen. CLaRF provided a contribution for this treatment resource.

Our connection with the TLH Museum is a strong and lasting one. We wish to thank Mike Jones, the Animal Curator, for his friendship and continuous support of CLaRF. We also wish to thank the Executive Director, Russell Daws, for letting CLaRF help with the cats' expenses. And of course, we are also grateful for all the employees and volunteers - their teamwork, friendship and continued support of CLaRF have been part of why our work at the museum is such a rewarding experience.

Prairie Wind Animal Refuge

In the 2000 report I mentioned that CLaRF supplied a grant to them for the cat food. However, when we heard from them again in December 2004 we were informed that one of the directors, Michael Jurich, had an accident and needed urgent help for hiring someone to care for the cats. CLaRF was glad to provide them with an additional grant to provide for another caretaker. I wish them all the best and hope everything is working out. I you wish to contact them, write to: Prairie Wind Animal Refuge, 22111 County Road 150, Agate, CO 80101. (They are a 501(c)(3) organization).

International Exotic Feline Sanctuary (IEFS)

In 2003, I visited the International Exotic Feline Sanctuary in Boyd, TX. I was quite impressed, finding it to be an interesting, well maintained and spacious sanctuary, accredited by the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums. They do a great job welcoming their student interns, even providing them with a little guest house.

And when I met with Richard Gilbreth, the director, he told me about a new enrichment program for the students. So we were happy to reinforce their efforts by providing a grant to further support the student's work. Below is the article in their newsletter about the program. Please feel free to contact CLaRF if you would like additional information, as complete reports are available.

Florida Wild Mammal Association

In January of 2004 CLaRF paid for the food for a bobcat kitten, brought to the Florida Wild Mammal Association. As part of his care, he was taught some of the basic skills for living in the wild, and has been successfully rehabilitated and released.

That was about two months before his release - he looks great!


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