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Welcome to Cat Life Foundation!

We help with making the world a better place for big and wild cats.
Please look around and enjoy your visit!

Bettina Krone, President

Latest News

In "Love Always, My Journey through Grief," Bettina embarks on a journey of self-discovery. In overcoming the sadness from the death of her beloved felines, she revisits the grief she experienced in losing her mother as a child. In the unfolding of this understanding, she uncovers the universal nature of grief - a moving and inspiring story!

The News at Cat Life Foundation
April 2014

The biggest news are right at the top of this page: my first book has been published!!!! It's not about wild cats, but it is all about cats and my life.

And yes, the tiger is not at the museum anymore. We drove him back to the Sanctuary near Gainesville where he lives. His exhibit there had been remodeled while he was here at the museum; now he has a pool and space to run in! Of course, he remembered the place and the people there and felt right at home.

Cat Life always works with the museum here in town. We pay for the supplements and medications the resident cats need. And Mike is looking for a new panther for Nacoche's habitat. I am sure we at Cat Life will be involved in that!!!!

We do have a new partner, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. That's where Buddha, the young panther at the museum, is from. The Sanctuary-people are building a new enclosure for the panthers. Cat Life has already given a grant to help with that. I'll be going for a visit at one point, so stay tuned!

Stay tuned as well for Cat Life Invitational II at LeMoyne Art Center!!! That will happen next year, 2015, in October! For more information on the event, please click here.

And stay tuned...who knows what will be up next.